Mud Pump Parts

KEHUA Mud Pump Parts

Qingdao Kehua Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in oil drilling mud pump accessories. We’re a national high-tech enterprise. Since 2006, our company has been focusing on producing hydraulic end accessories for mud pumps. The main products are Double Metallic Liner, Zirconia Ceramic Liner, Piston, Valve & Seat, Piston rod, Extension rod, Crosshead, Crosshead Guide (Upper & Lower ), etc.


KEHUA Casting

Kehua has centrifugal casting and coated sand casting. It adopts advanced casting technology to produce castings made of gray iron, alloy steel and other materials. It is a large-scale professional production base of casting, integrating casting and CNC machining. The products are widely used, mainly in petroleum parts, air compressor parts, mining machinery, engineering machinery, auto parts, agricultural machinery parts, construction machinery, pump valves and other industries.

Hydraulic Jack

KEHUA Hydraulic Jack

The hydraulic jack produced by Kehua has the characteristics of large output force, light weight, strong bearing capacity, and can be operated remotely in any space. various forms of work. Widely used in transportation, railways, bridges, shipbuilding, construction, industrial and mining enterprises such as equipment jacking installation, commissioning, maintenance, underground pipe jacking and other operations.